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T r a d i t i o n s

Post by Sabik on Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:18 pm

> Each adult has a necklace, which is a symbol depicting their rank.
       Alpha  - Vanity
       Beta - Jade
       Delta - Pentagram
       Gamma - Opal
       Epsilon - Ruby
       Iota - Emerald
       Kappa - Diamond
       Upsilon - Garnet
       Zeta - Obsidian
       Lambda - Blue Circle
       Omicron - Topaz
       Omega - Zircon
       Sigma - depends on rank before.

>Part of the spirits those who die are contained in crystals by prayer and purification, and worn by the one chosen by the spirit in their last days.

> The whole pack holds a vigil after a death to watch the rest of the dead wolf's spirit return to the stars.

> The Alpha must lead a howl every full moon, to the ancestors.

> After each kill, a wolf must pray that it's spirit reaches paradise.

> A birth is honored by the whole clan, and both mother and father must be praised and given gifts.

> If an alpha dies, their Beta takes place of Alpha. Delta moves to Beta, and the Alpha must choose a new Delta.

> When a trainee finishes their training, there is a ceremony to promote them to their new rank. They are given a necklace deciding their rank.

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