Layoku the brave

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Layoku the brave

Post by layoku on Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:33 pm

Layoku "The Brave" 

Layoku was born into a thriving wolf pack. Her father was the alpha, as was her mother. She lived a life of luxury, and peace, but danger loomed outside her territory. An enemy pack had their eyes on Layoku's territory, one peaceful night the enemy pack made their way into the territory, and attacked. Vicious fighting went on, and Layoku's mother carried her pup to safety, away from the territory. She spoke "My sweet Layoku, run as far away as you can, stay strong for yourself, and always remember to be you. Run my dear." So Layoku ran into the paws of a stray wolf who was a loner. The loner taught her how to hunt and the ways of pack life, and she grew into a young, beautiful, and brave wolf. She joined the CANIS-VENATICI pack, and ever since she thought of them as her family. Now she hunts and defends them as a hunter/soldier.


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