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Saria's Journal

Post by Saria on Mon Jun 27, 2016 5:59 am

Hirik Forest. (PAST)
(Days 15-19)
(Day 15) It was my first day of training today, father says i've been doing well with my brothers pushing me and all. Hopefully i'll do better tomorrow, mom is taking me out for a hunt out.

(Day 16) Today mother is taking me out for a hunt for a good while. I'll return to camp with her late night, or early morning tomorrow. We'll be hunting for quite some time.

We've hunted for quite some time, and with help from my mother i took down a fawn. It was hard, but mother was proud. I'm sure father will love the improvements i made. I only want to make him proud.

(Day 17) We're almost home. Only a few moments before the scent of camp comes into mind. The scent of blood is strong. Maybe Father went hunting? We'll have to see.

We finally made it back to cam-. I arrived with mother.. The camp is stained with blood, and father and my brothers are gone! I'm scared, and mom is crying! I don't know what to do? I miss my father.

We found them.. Their bodies torn to shreds, and the scent of Berrow pack is strong. Mother is singing her song, and holding me tight.. She won't stop looking at Father. I'm scared.

(Day 18) Mother is still crying, she picked me up and took me away from camp. I'm still scared, i hope she stops. She took me to a field. It's nice and quiet, but i'm still sad.

Mom set me down, and ran off. She hugged me tight before going.. I'm scared.. Tomorrow i turn 1. I'll have to hunt for myself..

(Day 19) I've been walking for what seems like days. Every sound is causing me to twitch and turn. Visibly submissive to anything louder than my own heartbeat.

I found what smells like something new.. Something familiar lasted on the scent however. I dug up a hole and pulled out about 14 Scrolls of paper with my last name on it. Huh?

Great Forest (PRESENT)
(Days 1-...)
(Day1) It's my first day in this new like forest. I like this place so far apart from everything around here scares me to no end. I've been acting quieter.. I'm too unstable for anything now..

(Day 2) I slept here overnight. It's a comfy place despite the fact i was rained on last night and cried. Every time something scares me, i must sing mother's song.

I'm still carrying these scrolls.. I might leave them under a bush. Their to much to carry alone. I'm still heading to find something. Or somewhere to rest..

(Day 13). I miss everyone, i miss every thing. It's hard to cooperate with no one around you comforting you. I can't trust anyone by now.

I learned i was actually quite good at singing.. I attract birds with my high voice. Is that a good thing?

(Day 19) I stumbled upon 2 other wolves somewhere within the forest. I tried hiding under a bush and was easily found by the alpha "Sabik"

I'm petrified, i hope they don't hurt me.. They quite calm around me. I'm almost considering joining.. I do need a place to sleep..

(Day 21) I asked about joining and was accepted as a scout. The low ranking put me down, but i was proud of finally finding the right place. I'm still horrified of what's going to happen.

(Day 27) We found a new camp, and a new comrade. His name, is.. I don't know actually. No use in asking.

The new-guy asked me about going on a hunt. He's a lot bigger than me and i stayed behind him, worried about what would happen if he attacked me. The thoughts are endless..

We caught a few hares and again, i was a mute and stayed behind. Upon coming back to camp i was placed as Delta. And given a pentagram necklace for it. Everyone else got new ranks too.

(Day 31) I finally turned 2. No one knows.. Just how i like it. I've been singing on a rock for a while.. Then i was interrupted and fell off the rock. It was the one darker wolf. Nightingale i believe it was? 

He helped me up and apologize. I was nervous at first, but we talked for a while. He liked my voice. I was  flattered, and vented for a while.. He asked me to be my friend and i said yes.

A real friend.. Wow, i've never had one since the incident. I'd better not speak about it, i'm headed to go and pick up the scrolls i left back a while ago.

(Day 33) I finally got back with my scrolls, exhausted from the walk back i decided to practice my voice expansion. I was interrupted once again, but this time by the Beta, Reese.

I tried to visibly hide myself, but once again i wasn't able to. He again liked  my voice, we talked for a while. Apparently he finds me "Adorable" for my awkwardness..

I guess that okay.. We talked for a while, and he "Adopted" me as his sister. I guess i have a brother i never had.. Or earned one back.

We talked for quite some time. I felt closer to someone.. I eyed my scrolls and read 1 through 7.. It's in the place of my ancestor in "The Great Battle". I'm yet to discover more about it.

It's getting late.. I'm too restless.  Reese went to bed, but i stayed up and read more.. Tomorrow i might help Reese with some of the scrolls.


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