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~❤︎*|Sage Rezeliose|*❤︎~

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Basic Information*~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name:Sage Rezeliose (ree-zell-ee-ose)
Age: 3 1/2 looks 2.
Scent: Mint, Lilac, and a hint of Cherry Blossoms. Sweet and crisp scent.
Nickname(s)/alternate name(s): Leaf,Rez. NEVER CALL HER REZZY.
Voice/Accent: Thick but understandable Russian accent. Soft voice, sounds like myself in person.
Likes: Quietness, All seasons, Dark places, the smell after it rains, Friends, climbing trees, water.
Dislikes: Loud noises/people, Bright colored things, violence, insects.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Pack Information*~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Current pack: Canes Venatici
Previous pack: Tallon Peak
Current Rank: Epsilon
Wanted Rank: N/A
Future Ranks: That's in the future and it can not be predicted. Dunno.
Past Teacher: Scallon Arbix (skah-lawn Are-bix)
Loyal to: Sabik, and the pack of Canes Venatici
Pack Territory:  Unknown

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Social and Family Information*~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mother: Carmine (Deceased)
Father: Daevox (Day-voxe) Alive and resented.
Siblings: Stark(brother, Deceased) Angela(sister, Deceased)
Friends: TBA (to be announced)
Ally's/Acquaintances: Her pack
Enemies: TBA
Reacts with others how/Social capabilities: Sage is a bit... Guarded. With new people she meets, she can be very coy and unfriendly depending on how they approach her. She takes things carefully, and can be sassy and grouchy seeming at first. When you get to know sage, and get to be her friend, she is rather sweet and loyal. She can be shy due to her anxiety however most of the time she doesn't let it get the best of her. She interacts with pack mates with great respect.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Mental state/Physical traits*~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mental Health: She suffers from PTSD, Anxiety, and depression. 90% of the time, she is fine. Other 10% She suffered from depressive mental breakdowns, bad flashbacks/night terrors, or anxiety attacks.
Build: Skinny, Lithe body and frame, but muscular.
Sage appears with a light gray pelt and snow white underfur. Her markings are a dark gray, close to black. Her ear is torn, and she has small scars covering her front lower legs. Her eyes are a crystal blue color. She is always seen wearing a ruby necklace, as is required due to her rank. She is also seen with ear feathers and silver piercings in her ears.
Personality: Blunt, says whats on her mind. She's quiet, but respectful. Shes loving, and friendly to those in need. She has a soft spot for pups, and is usually easygoing and doesn't give a shit. She has a twisted sense of humor at times, and always loves a good joke. She takes her friends safety and happiness before her own, and is loyal. Once she has her mind set on something, her goal is to usually get it. She can be hard to approach, due to her grouchy and bitchy nature, however she is more down to earth once you get to know her well.  
Physical Health: Though her physical health fluctuates usually she is as healthy as a horse. She is clumsy however, so she usually tends to get scrapes and bruises.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Relationships/Mate interests*~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sexual Orientation: Love is love in her eyes. You lover her, and take care of her, make her happy she will try her best to do the same to you.
Eyes follow: No one
Heart aches for: No one
Soulmate to: No one
Mated to: No one
Offspring: N/A


I open my eyes and perk my ears to hear my mother's weeping once more. I let out a sigh as I get to my tiny paws and let out a sight. "Father must of had and outburst again..." I think to myself worried as I patter out of the den, to the small clearing of the packs camp. In the middle, I see my sister lay in a pool of blood with my mothers frail frame shaking next to it. My blue eyes widen as I rush to my older siblings side and look her over from head to tail. As I do, I see a gash running from her throat to the end of her stomach. I almost throw up as I take in the sight, my mother only now realizing my presence. "My leaf, come on... B-back to the den sweetheart. The others will take care of her." I hear her say, her voice soft; sorrowful. "It was Father, wasn't it." I ask my accent clear as I speak. My mothers face just twists an grief as I let out a low, angry growl followed by a soon after whimper. As I enter the den with my mother, she guides me over to my older brother Stark. Me, being the youngest, they always babied me and fussed and worried, which royally pissed me off. Stark tiredly lifted his head, flicking an ear in confusion. "Mother....What's going on?" he asks her and I look to her as she stays silent. Grunting I step forward my eyes meeting his own crystal blue ones. "Angela is dead. Fathers doing." I state bluntly and his hears going to his head his lips forming a snarl, and then going to an expression of sadness. "Rez, come here..." he barks lowly to me and I just stand my ground. "Why? So you can comfort me? Say everything's going to be okay? ANGELA IS DEAD." I snap at him my eyes now kindled, as if blue fire burned deep in their depths. His expression shows one of hurt and I sigh closing my eyes. "Sorry...I know you just want to help me. However I'm FINE. It's you who needs the help." I state as I walk to his side and lay by him licking his cheek gently. "I always have to be the strong one here don't I...I'm the youngest. Why is my father so abusive, I'm surprised no one has left this pack yet." I thought to myself as I lay there and continued to comfort my family.
   A year passed, and once I was about a year and a half. The pack was still going strong, however my father had gotten us into some deep shit. I sighed and looked around and a low growl emitted from my muzzle. "I may be lead fighter, but I'm leaving this pack soon...That's if it isn't annihilated first.." I think as I get to my paws and scan the crown below me. "Do I really have to lead them into battle...The whole pack? This battle is a battle we aren't going to win.." I think to myself again shaking my head. I heard a loud howl and I look to see a hoard of wolves charge our way. Confused I look to my father who's standing next to me. "I gathered some others from the north. They'll help us." he replied and my jaw dropped. The north, consisted of rogues and outlaws. Thieves, and murderers, and anything else horrible you could think of. "You stupid son of a bitch!" I snarl glaring at my father my fur standing on end as I glare at him my crystal blue eyes abalze. "Do you realize what you've done!?!" I ask before I hear shrieks of pain come out from below me. "Oh, I do darling~ Don't worry, your death will be painle-" as soon as I had heard him mention my death I launched myself from the rock and into the fray of blood and fur. All around me I could see my pack dropping to the ground dead or severely injured. "My own fucking father betrayed us! How can I consider him my father, let alone my alpha?!" I think as I run to the nursery where my mother was staying along with my brother as it was his duty to guard the nursery. I ran quite a ways before reaching them, the place was untouched. "Guys, we need to get out of here. NOW, Daevox has betrayed us, and the pack." I snarl as they look to me with widened eyes as barks and snarls could be heard getting closer and closer. "GO! NOW!" I snarl as they head out the emergency exit and I slip back through to the entrance of the den. In front of me, I see two to three wolves. One speaks up. "Our leader, Daevox has sent us to kill the ones in this den. Step aside, or we-" he was cut off. I knew they would kill me anyway, these wolves had no honor, no code to live by or fight by. The first went down with ease, they weren't expecting me to fight back. I tasted blood, and soon his body went limp. I went straight for the killing blow...It was killed or be killed now. I could feel both of the other wolves pounce onto me, and slam me to the ground. I wiggled out from beneath them, my lithe frame coming in handy here. "I've held them off long eno-" my thoughts being cut off as I heard a shriek that was cut short, and then a loud howl that had ended abruptly. Stark, and my mother were dead. It was them, no doubt. I could feel my body tense with rage, and my eyes glaze over as tears overflowed and streamed down my face. Everything went red.
    I was snapped back to reality. Once I could comprehend what I was seeing, and what was in front of me, my blood ran cold. Below me lay my pack members, in a bloody field of grass. All dead. "No...NO! How could Daevox do this?! HE WAS MY FA- NO MY ALPHA!?!?" I thought to myself looking down to my paws, that were stained red. No family left to call my own. No one left to trust. No home, and most importantly no safety. "I'm done trusting people. I'm done relying on others." I think to myself as I turn away from the scene, my eyes seeming cold, my face showing no emotion.


I look around, my crystal blue eyes taking in the scenery around me. "I haven't been here before. There's the scent of other wolves around though...a pack maybe...?" I think to myself sighing in frustration. So far, I've kept to my word. Trusted no one but myself, and have stayed alone. It always seemed safer that way. I continued to walk through the forest keeping my audits perked for any near by sounds. Not hearing anything I continue on my way.


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