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Reese Iacuit, at your service

Post by HowlingFox on Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:00 pm

(photo to be added later)
~Just basics~
Name: Reese Iacuit ("I uh quit" < pronounced like that)
Age: 4 1/2
Nicknames: N/A
Scent: mostly pine tree sap

~~Pack Info~~
Current pack: Canis Venatici
Previous pack: None
Current Rank: Beta
Previous Rank: Loner
Desired Rank: Beta
Loyal to: Sabik and the rest of his pack

~~~Social and family~~~
Mother: Bella Iacuit
Father: Monty Iacuit
Brother(s): Flint Iacuit
Sister(s): Saria (Adopted her)
Friends: Sabik
Acquaintances: Nightingale
Enemies: Flint
Social Capabilities: Above average, usually coming off as smooth and laid back, but able to hold a firm line when needed.

~~~~Mental/Physical Traits~~~~
Build: Tall and strong.
Appearance: Chocolatey brown pelt with a white underbelly, and blue eye. He has a red bow tie that he wears, and wears a Jade necklace as is to be expected of the Beta.
Personality: Suave as hell and charismatic, generally friendly, a little flirtatious.
Mental Health: 50-60% (depends on how much sleep he's getting)
Physical Health: 92%
Visible Scars/Injuries: 3 long claw marks down the right side of his muzzle.

Sexual Orientation: He just wants love, he loves anyone if they love him, or is willing to try at least.
Crush: Sabik
Dating: None
Mated to: None
Father of: Banshee (deceased)
Exes: Callie (deceased)

Opinions of others:

Bella - "She was sweet, but a bit... Off..."
Monty - "Wasn't very fond of him."
Flint - "Thank god this bastard is dead."
Sabik - "Thanks for looking out for me and promising to keep my secret... I owe you one."
Nightingale - "I'd like to get to know you some more."
Saria - "You're a cutie... I mean... Let's hunt sometime, yeah?"
Callie - "I'm so sorry... So sorry... Please, help guide me..."
Banshee - "The world is a cruel place baby... I hope you and your mother can rest easy... Look after your papa alright?"

~~~~~~Other Info~~~~~~
Theme Song: Dear Fellow Traveler - Sea wolf

Backstory: "I was born to a... Bit of a dysfunctional family. My father was prone to violent outbursts and was constantly in a bad mood. My mother was nice, but a little off her rocker. My brother, Flint, was Bipolar to some extent and our father rubber off on him as he became prone to violence too. And me? Well... I had "imaginary" friends who I talked to a lot. We didn't realize when I was younger that I was Schizophrenic. Anyways, dysfunctional family, didn't last long, I was about 1. It started when my mom ended up dead because of our father. And then Flint followed when he tried to fight our Father. I ran off as soon as Flint was dead and my father gave chase. I managed to get away from him, and last I heard, he fell down a chasm and died down there. I began to travel on my own from then on.
Now living on my own, I made a life for myself and one of my "friends" started showing up more. I called him "Kaw" because sometimes, he was a big black wolf, and other times, he looked like a big crow. I was still young, okay? Anyways, me and Kaw traveled alone for a long while. He'd talk to me a lot and sometimes curl around me protectively at night. I guess that was probably because I craved contact and a caring friend... I was around 2 1/2 years old when I met my first mate, Callie. She was really sweet and as I grew closer to her, I started seeing Kaw less. She was the one who found out I was schizophrenic when I asked her if she'd seen him one day. That pretty much changed everything for me, knowing I was insane. But she didn't think of me like that. We ended up having one pup together, we named her Banshee because she was either sleeping, or making adorable little puppy noises, very loudly I might add... They died in a fire a few month after Banshee was born...
After the death of Callie and Banshee, I started to travel again. I started seeing Kaw a lot, and I started seeing apparitions of my dead mate and pup. I was heartbroken and felt alone, even in Kaw's "company". I was pretty much miserable 24/7, losing sleep because of nightmares, and unable to focus enough to feed myself. Then I met Sabik. She was friendly, and at first, I wasn't sure if she was real or not (still not sure half the time), but I started traveling with her and we grew close as friends. We met two other wolves, Nightingale, and Saria, and decided to start a pack together.
Now, I live with Sabik and the others now, beta of a pack. Sabik is the only wolf to know I'm schizophrenic, and I want to keep it that way."

About his Schizophrenia: Reese has borderline Schizophrenia, meaning that he may see, hear, smell, or feel something that isn't there. He tries to keep this hidden because it is a mental illness and he doesn't like to think of himself as "mentally ill" and doesn't want other to see him like that either. Sleep and company help him keep focused on reality, but when he's alone for a long time or deprived of sleep, the hallucinations will progressively grow worse. He mainly sees and hears hallucinations of his previous mate and pup who are both dead, and is usually really depressed when he sees them. The "Traveler" mentioned in his theme song is another hallucination he started seeing just after losing his mother and father, but before he met Callie and had Banshee with her. More about this is mentioned in his Backstory.


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